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Historische Orte im Stadtteil
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Former Protestant rectory built in 1741 and used by the Protestant community until 1910, when the new Protestant church „Peace Church“ (Friedenskirche) and rectory were built near to the Tiefburg castle.

03 Foto kurz vor 1900 The Old rectory, before 1900

Previous rectories on different sites

There is mention of a Protestant “Reformed” rectory on a different site in Handschuhsheim after the Thirty Years’ War. This building was destroyed by French troops in 1674 but it was renovated and usable again around 1700. However, according to the terms of the „Bergsträsser Rezess“ agreement of 1650, use of it reverted to the Catholics.

The Reformed community then decided to convert the derelict former convent near where Graham Park is now and use this as a rectory, but the pastor’s wife refused to move in as she heard that it was haunted. For over 30 years the pastors lived in temporary accommodation.

Previous building on this site

There had been a house on this site in the 17th century. It was badly damaged in 1689 during the War of the Palatine Succession and then demolished at the beginning of the 18th century.

The current Baroque-style building dates from 1741. Then, as now, the windows had wooden shutters with slats. To the left of the entrance to the garden there used to be a fountain with three troughs. The fountain was removed to make room for the War Memorial. Until just a few years ago, the middle trough stood on the square in front of the Tiefburg, near the pharmacy, but was damaged irreparably by cars and had to be replaced with a new one.

The building has been in private hands since 1943. (bm)