Handschuhsheim erkunden

Historische Orte im Stadtteil
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This is one of the oldest inns in the village, with a splendid inn sign and a long history. As early as 1660 it was probably a wine tavern run by ancestors of the Mutschler family, as indicated by an inscription above the steps leading down to the vaulted wine cellar. The ravages of wars in the 17th century make it difficult to reconstruct the building’s history before this date.

The inn and living quarters were probably built in 1729 by Hans Jakob Mutschler (date inscribed on the stone block above the arch leading to the yard, along with the initials H M). And in 1737, Justus Heinrich Mutschler was given permission by the court authorities in Mannheim to open an inn with a sign and name.

Until 1784, the Lutheran community sometimes used the large room above the dining area for religious services until they built their own church nearby.
Originally there were two arched entrances to the yard, but one of them was sacrificed for an extension of the dining area in 1935.

Handschuhsheim Pfarrgasse, The „Lamb Inn“ in about 1950 (Foto: Tiefburg Archives)

The inn was owned and run by the Mutschler family until 1981, when the last of the family emigrated to the USA. The Fuhs family, relatives of the Mutschlers, took over the inn in 2004 and spent several years extensively renovating this run-down listed building, even restoring the vaulted wine cellar dating from 1660. The restoration work was interrupted by a fire in 2007, and fortunately most of the historic features of the rooms were saved.

In 2010, the “Lamb” was able to celebrate its 350th anniversary as an inn. (bm)